What is massage therapy? Techniques, benefits and contraindications

Everyone in it but nobody knows how to explain exactly what it is. Until now. Today, in Blogmedicina , we tell you what massage therapy is : techniques , benefits and contraindications

What is massage therapy?

And the first thing is to expose what is massage therapy . Basically, massage therapy consists of a series of manual techniques that are applied to the body to rehabilitate injuries . That is, they are massages applied in a certain way, with a healing desire. Through heat, either superficially or reaching internal muscles, it manipulates the organism to heal it.

What is massage therapy? Techniques, benefits and contraindications

When explaining what massage therapy is, we must specify that there are several types of massage therapy . From the one applied for clinical purposes, to the one that looks for aesthetic or psychic objectives. That is to say, we find therapeutic, relaxing, lymphatic massages ... But all with the common element of the healing of lesions, whatever the type they are.

Obviously, the relationship of massage therapy with physiotherapy is fine . So much that it costs to draw a line to mark where one begins and another ends. However, it is advisable to know the relationship of the massage therapy, in order to be able to distinguish them.

Relationship with physiotherapy

The relationship of massage therapy with physiotherapy it is given that the first is included in the second . Physiotherapy would be a set of massage techniques for medical purposes, but located in a larger group called physiotherapy. In fact, massage therapy could be considered one of the most relevant legs of the most revolutionary and modern physiotherapy

What is massage therapy? Techniques, benefits and contraindications

Therapies of massage therapy

Massage therapy encompasses a host of manipulation techniques of the human body . Obviously, each patient is a world and comes to the specialist with a disease. For this reason, we will list the best known and demanded therapy

Basic massage

It is the most common massage therapy and is common all over the world. The massage basic aims to enhance and improve the functioning of the circulatory system. Thus, basic massage makes cells better their condition, brings oxygen to the body or helps to purge excess elements in the body.

What is massage therapy? Techniques, benefits and contraindications

To achieve the desired effect, basic massage has many ways of applying. The usual thing is that several of them are combined during the basic massage. So, from kneading , to compressions , to sliding long , stretching or contractions , all are part of this massage therapy.

The most common ailments that are treated with the basic massage are the contractures and the muscle pains . However, it can also be applied to people with fatigue or heaviness.

Lymphatic drainage

The drainage lymphatic is a set of techniques whose objective is to drain the body's lymphatic material .Therefore, these should occur on a regular basis.

Aesthetic massage

The aesthetic massage seeks to improve the physical condition of the patient. To do this, try to remove adipose tissue from the body . He does this with a series of specific techniques that bust the subcutaneous fat capsules . In a second step, it is the body itself that reabsorbs that fat.

Aesthetic massage is massage therapy used to reduce cellulite and orange peel . In addition, it promotes the regeneration of tissues, leaving the skin smoother and smoother.

Sports massage

The name of the sports massage does not cheat It is the therapy of massage therapy that is applied to injuries inferred by practicing sport . Usually it is muscle, but it can also affect ligaments or tendons . That is, overloads, tendinitis or fiber breaks are the most common.

What is massage therapy? Techniques, benefits and contraindications

Although it may not seem so , sprains are also included in the injuries to be treated with sports massage . A sports massage whose application, obviously, is clinical

Myofascial release

Massage for the myofascial release is the one that helps reduce a localized muscle pain . This is what is commonly known as having a knot . In this case, through palpation, this ailment is reduced. Myofascial release is the most common site for acupressure.

Deep transverse massage

The deep transverse massage

strong> is one of the most invasive and painful massage therapies . Basically, this massage moves all the tissue involved in an injury. It does this by transverse friction to the injured area , hence the name.

What is massage therapy? Techniques, benefits and contraindications

The moment of pain is given because the deep transverse massage must reach the deepest part of the organism. Pass the skin and touch the subcutaneous tissue, where it will move tendons and ligaments . The analgesic sensation that this massage leaves is tremendous but also temporary, because when passing, the pain is tremendous.

The benefits of massage therapy

Although we have already commented more than one, the benefits of massage therapy are many, varied and palpable. We list the most recognized. These are the benefits of massage therapy


It is the mother of all benefits. The massage therapy promotes blood circulation in the treated area, oxygenating the environment and removing the pernicious waste for cells.

What is massage therapy? Techniques, benefits and contraindications


Not everyone knows but joined skin to skin causes capillary vasodilators to act on the massage area. The temperature of the skin increases several degrees and the tissues relax, providing elasticity to the skin.


Massage therapy stimulates the muscle fibers, multiplying their activity. Muscle capillaries also benefit from the action, multiplying the nutrients that they contribute to the cells.

The contraindications of the massage therapy

The contraindications of massage therapy are not too many nor especially serious, so it does not take too much to assume them and not take risks.Above all, do not apply massage therapy in these cases :

  • Febrile process
  • Infection
  • Dermatological condition
  • Bleeding wound
  • Tumor process
  • Unconsolidated fracture
  • During pregnancy
  • If less than 6 months have passed a surgical intervention
  • Skin infections disease
What is massage therapy? Techniques, benefits and contraindications
  • Burns
  • Allergies or reactions
  • Inflammatory vascular diseases
  • Thrombosis or arterial embolism
  • Bruising, bleeding or inflammation
  • Degenerative muscular disease
  • Muscle, tendon or ligament rupture or tear
  • Recent trauma
  • Renal problems

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