Vitamin D to strengthen the body

Researchers discovered that vitamin D has large properties to activate defenses of the organism /strong>. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen claim that the cells of the immune system could function poorly without a high vitamin D intake . Today we tell you how vitamin makes the body stronger .

Vitamin D to strengthen the body

What are T cells? Relationship with Vitamin D

First of all, it is necessary to explain what the T Cells are and their relation to Vitamin D . T cells , better known as lymphocytes , have vitamin D to activate. They are in charge of detecting and annihilating all kinds of external pathogens, be they viruses or bacteria. For this to happen, T cells must stop being inactive, to become killer of pathogens.

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Vitamin D to strengthen the body

If there is a lack of vitamin D in the blood , these cells are not activated. "When a T cell is exposed to an external pathogen, it extends a kind of antenna that acts as a receptor for vitamin D, with which it seeks this substance ," said Carsten Geisler, professor of the Department of Health. International, Immunology and Microbiology .

The T cells that are put into operation become two types of cells. Both can take care of destroying pathogens . Another option is to help the immune system to acquire the memory needed to defend against future attacks. And is that T cells are part of the adaptive immune system. That is, they work preparing the system to recognize and adapt to future threats.

Vitamin D to strengthen the body

"Scientists knew Vitamin D has long been important for calcium absorption . They also knew that she was involved in diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. What we did not know was the importance of vitamin D to activate the immune system, "said Geisler.

Specialists recommend between 25 and 50 micrograms daily of vitamin D . While this vitamin is found in fish liver oil, in salmon, in eggs and in some dietary supplements, although most of the vitamin D in the body is naturally generated by exposure to sunlight.

Uses and benefits

The best thing about vitamin D is that, to this day, you still find uses and benefits

strong> of its properties. Thus, it has become an essential element for the organism on many levels. These are the uses and benefits of vitamin D. Vitamin D to strengthen the body
  • Rejection of transplants - One of the most important consequences of this finding is the possibility of managing the rejection of transplants.Prevents early aging and its symptoms
  • Boosts cardiovascular health - And prevents heart disease. In fact, the lack of Vitamin D, multiplies the options of suffering a heart attack.
  • Strengthens the immune system - Strengthens the defensive barriers of the organism.

To achieve the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D, you have to take foods that contain it. However, it is also important that we get the sun. This will activate the natural production of Vitamin D in the human body, through the skin.

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