Vitamin D against diseases

Every study that is done on vitamin D, concludes that it is a little more necessary than the previous one. And it is that, among the many properties that it accumulates, there are some that are highly necessary for the organism. Precisely, one of them we are going to talk to you today. Specifically, Vitamin D against diseases and how it helps to control them.

Vitamin D against diseases

Vitamin D against Parkinson's

Studies carried out in Finland, reveal that Vitamin D is a good ally of the organism in regards to suffering from Parkinson's . It is already known that this type of vitamins plays a fundamental role in bone health . As they also do in the prevention of pathologies such as cancer, diabetes type 2 and the multiple diseases of cardiac type . To them Parkinson's now adds

Vitamin D against diseases

Currently, it has been concluded that those people who have high vitamin D levels, have lower probabilities of suffering from Parkinson's . This is indicated by Finnish researchers from the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki. He collects his work in " Archives of Neurology ".

Specialists argue that ingesting an adequate dose of vitamin D daily is essential to avoid Parkinson's development . A deficient intake of Vitamin D leads to chronic loss of brain dopaminergic neurons.

The study was carried out by a group of scientists, with the researcher National Institute for Health and Welfare Helsinki , Paul Knekt, at the helm. To carry out the research, 3173 people of both sexes were analyzed, aged between 50 and 80 years. None of them suffered from Parkinson's between 1978 and 1980, when the studies began.

Vitamin D against diseases

These people were They underwent various blood tests to determine their daily vitamin D consumption . In addition, they conducted surveys detailing their health habits and the social and economic aspects of their lives. After 29 years of analysis, 50 of those people developed Parkinson's.

By these results and the research carried out, the specialists could conclude that those people who consumed more vitamin D levels and that they did physical activity show lower risks of developing said disease.

Vitamin D against Alzheimer's

It is still early to conclude the benefits of Vitamin D against Alzheimer , but the results are encouraging. At the moment, it is known that people with low vitamin D have more options to develop the disease. Specifically, a study published in Neurology indicates that this percentage is double.

Vitamin D against diseases

The problem for this study is that others have shown the opposite, that the relationship between levels of Vitamin D and Alzheimer's and other dementias is non-existent. This being the case, and in the absence of more studies and more prolonged in time, this information must be quarantined. We will have to wait a few years to get conclusive evidence .

What is clear is that as we age, skin properties to synthesize vitamin D are lost And we are not talking about artificial Vitamin D, but the sun.Less in order to reduce some type of dementia or the aforementioned Alzheimer's. But Vitamin D never hurts. And it is that Vitamin D is lethal against other diseases that we are going to list.

Vitamin D against other diseases

After Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, it's time to face Vitamin D against other diseases . And, in this case, make it come out victorious. These are the diseases from which Vitamin D protects you.

Vitamin D against diseases
  • Interstitial lung disease autoimmune
  • Lupus
  • Osteoporosis
  • Scleroderma
  • Polymyositis
  • Vasculitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthritis

A daily and controlled intake of Vitamin D helps you fight or prevent any of these diseases. Of course, with others such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, it can not be confirmed that this is the case.

In this case, the National Institute of Health, ensures that these are daily amounts of Vitamin D who need an organism:

  • Children up to 18 years old - 400 IU
  • Adults 18 to 70 strong> - 600 IU (International Units)
  • Adult over 70 years old - 800 IU

The options for increasing levels of Vitamin D pass, in a non-negotiable way, through the diet and the sun . In the case of the sun king, a walk of 15 to 20 minutes is recommended at least, so that the skin synthesizes the necessary Vitamin D.

When it comes to food, the foods that contain the most vitamin D are fish (sardines, tuna, salmon ...), dairy (milk, cheese, butter ...), egg yolk , mushrooms or wheat . To get an idea, we give some examples of Vitamin D that contain some foods:

  • 50 gr of sardines - 800 IU
  • 50 gr of tuna - 500 IU
  • 50 gr of tuna - 500 IU
  • li>
  • One egg - 85 IU
  • 100 g of avocado - 400 IU

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