Heartburn: causes, symptoms and treatments

Who has not felt the feeling that your stomach is burning and the fire is going to come out of your mouth? No, you are not becoming a dragon, you most likely have heartburn. And precisely, today we are going to talk about this disease and tell you everything about it. Heartburn stomach : causes , symptoms and treatments

What is heartburn?

The first thing we must clarify is what is heartburn . Obviously, it is not fire created in the stomach. Of course, the pain is similar to a burning on the inside that does upward to the mouth. And everything has an explanation. By the way, heartburn is also known as heartburn or heartburn .

Heartburn: causes, symptoms and treatments

When we do the digestion , the cardias is closed. The cardia is the area of ​​the stomach that is together to the esophagus. The problem is that in some occasions, this valve can fail and let pass the gastric acids to the esophagus. This is what we know as gastroesophageal reflux . This acid damages the tissues of the esophagus when entering an unusual area. That burning is what we notice with heartburn.

Unfortunately, heartburn is a common ailment. What's more, everyone has ever suffered from heartburn . There are even people who have this ailment as something chronic, which prevents them from taking too strong food. However, the causes of heartburn are many and varied.

The causes of heartburn

The causes of heartburn are, by misfortune, more common than you would want.

  • Bad habits - Heartburn is associated, in many cases occasions, to bad eating habits. Abusing spicy products, very seasoned, strong and complicated digestion, multiply the options of having heartburn.
  • Lie down after eating - It is not advisable to lie down just eat. We do not give the body time to do the digestion and this almost always results in a tremendous stomach acidity.
  • Inappropriate clothing - No kidding. Tight clothing can lead to a tremendous stomach acid, depending also on what we have eaten.
Heartburn: causes, symptoms and treatments
  • Intense exercise - After eating, rest and rest. Once the digestion is done, you can exercise
  • Medications - Certain medications agitate the digestive system, causing heartburn.
  • Obesity - Overweight is one of the most common causes of heartburn
  • Soft drinks - Heavy drinks cause the stomach to swell and cause damage.
  • Age - Older, more complications when it comes to digestion and greater stomach acidity.

Symptoms of Heartburn

The symptoms of heartburn are simple and quickly detectable. In fact, we have already commented some. However, we collect all the symptoms of heartburn:

  • Burning - It is the most common symptom of heartburn.It occurs when the food, or the taste of it, return again and again to the mouth.
Heartburn: causes, symptoms and treatments

The good thing about heartburn is that its symptoms are transient , intermittent and very localized . You just have to wait for them to go through and work.

The problem occurs when the symptoms of heartburn are severe and exposure of the esophagus to acid is prolonged. In this case, we may be developing a esophageal cancer , more usual than it seems. How often is it considered worrisome and dangerous to have heartburn? If you give us twice a week , you have to go to the doctor to do a thorough study of the condition.

Treatments for heartburn

Before dealing with treatments for heartburn , you should take preventive measures. For example, as we have already mentioned, monitor the overweight . It also helps against heartburn chewing food well and eat slowly, without haste. In addition, each person knows what foods do not feel good, so just avoid them.

Heartburn: causes, symptoms and treatments

Other measure of prevention of heartburn is not to eat two hours before going to sleep. Obviously, alcohol is the great friend of heartburn. Avoid drinking alcohol, saves many problems in this aspect.

  • Antacids - These are the medicines indicated to control heartburn.
  • Proton pump inhibitors - It is a very powerful remedy for heartburn but is only prescribed if the patient has this chronic disease.

Natural remedies against heartburn

In addition to pharmaceutical remedies, there are a series of natural remedies against heartburn that work wonders.

  • Bicarbonate with water

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with every 100 ml of water . During the day, drink this combination in small sips. The alkaline effect it produces in the digestive tract reduces stomach acid and inflammation of the esophagus.

Heartburn: causes, symptoms and treatments
  • Ginger tea

Put water to boil and add 5 grams of ginger . When it breaks to boil, turn off the water and let it rest for half an hour. From that moment, you should take a small glass of ginger tea 30 minutes before each meal (breakfast, snack and dinner). With this infusion you will get antioxidants and other elements of ginger to reduce inflammation of the esophagus.

  • Pear juice
Heartburn: causes, symptoms and treatments

If you prefer cool drinks and something tastier, the alternative to tea is pear juice . To do this, you must liquefy two ripe pears , half a glass of water and a stream of lemon, so that the juice does not get ugly. The pear has vitamins A, B and C and a lot of minerals, which will stop the acid and reduce heartburn. If you do not like the pear, you can try the apple or banana that also works like a charm.

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