Catalog of Online Masters of Medicine

Are you thinking about improving your curriculum and expanding your knowledge? We have selected a catalog of online Masters of Medicine that you may find interesting because of the great variety of subjects they offer and the ECTS credits you can get.

Catalog of Online Masters of Medicine

Online Masters in Medicine

Training and retraining are fundamental in any type of work and, in the case of medicine, it almost becomes mandatory. The masters in medicine that we are going to show you are titles of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University that have European accreditation, with which you can obtain different numbers of ECTS credits since they are adapted to the European Education Area Superior (EHEA).

These online masters are taught by top-level professionals to provide up-to-date information with the latest scientific evidence . In turn, one of the aspects that can make things easier is that they are taught 100% online and through the relearning method.

All the masters that we are going to show you next have a duration of one year, with a cost of 3,900 euros and with which you will earn 60 ECTS. Important, when you enter the page you will see a popup window with which you will be able to get important discounts for your license plates.

  • Updating of psychiatric treatments in minor patients: deepen in the field of child and youth psychiatry through a combination of practical and theoretical cases.
  • Update in Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Therapy: be the latest in this field thanks to a study method where more than 120 clinical cases will be developed, recorded with POV systems, interactive learning system based on decision making, protocols, questions to experts among others.
  • Update on general surgery and digestive tract: The latest advances in solid organ transplantation and oncological surgery, emergency surgery, telesurgery, robotic surgery, use of biomaterials and Diagnostic.
  • Update in orthopedic surgery and traumatology: In a practical way you can know the latest advances in molecular biology, biomaterials, diagnostic imaging techniques and minimally invasive accesses.
  • Update in urological surgery: the professional can complement his work with new advances in minimally invasive urological techniques, lasers, robotic surgery, digital endoscopes, etc.
  • Update in intensive medicine: intensive care requires up-to-date training with the latest technology but also the ability to accompany families and patients.Therefore, this master can be important since you are going to work in minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and pelvic floor surgery.
  • Critical Cardiovascular Care in the ICU Service: In this area of ​​work it is necessary to make complex and very fast decisions that will have a great effect on the patient's prognosis, so a broad specific training is essential.
  • Palliative Care : one of the areas that have grown the most lately and that require that the professional can offer a great medical and human support.
  • Clinical dermatology: Through the skin expresses many diseases and conditions, which requires a constant update of the professional
  • Pediatric dermatology: Learning to work with children and applying the latest medical advances will be essential.

These are only a Some of the training possibilities that you can find in CEU, if you want to know the rest of your own titles you can enter their website and you will find much more specific information at the same time as the rest of university degrees.