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What is Depression - Are there any obvious Depressions Signs?

There are many definitions of depression. The medical profession may see it as a chemical imbalance in the brain to be rectified by medication. Others feel it is an illness, and that we are sick. Some have suggested that it’s genetic or inherited somehow, and the list goes on. See also ‘Can I test for depression?’

From my own research and observations I am convinced that what I learned in my HG training is the most accurate explanation. See what you think.

What is Depression?

I am intending to write more about this subject so do check out my blog site from time to time. You will also find links to the many articles and blogs that I have written on other topics of interest, so please feel free to browse.

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Hilarie is a Human Givens Psychotherapist and Counsellor practising in Marlow Buckinghamshire.  She is experienced in the use of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and many other therapeutic and life coaching techniques.

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